Write your own story & celebrate meaningful moments

Who is Ostrich?

The Ostrich is known as the bringer of vision and dreams; a symbol of awakenings, positivity, femininity, empowerment and authenticity. All values which are central to the Elliot & Ostrich philosophy.


Contrary to Western saying, according to African symbolism, an Ostrich puts its head in the sand not to escape danger but to remain grounded in the occurrence of danger. For Jennifer the Ostrich is also the symbol of Africa: the Motherland, her roots and the place where she feels truly grounded & creative.


Elliot & Ostrich wants to inspire you to stay true to who you are. To take a step back and celebrate meaningful moments, whether it is a moment of love or a moment of career success, with a timeless piece of jewellery.

The question is not so much “who is Ostrich”, it is rather “who are you”?

Customise & stack your moments

Because the most beautiful thing about a gift is the person who gave it & the reason why.


Each piece can be engraved with a personal message as a reminder of a special person or meaningful moment. All pieces can be produced in white, yellow or yosé gold (our custom gold alloy) depending on your skin-tone or preference. Some pieces offer customization of gemstone shapes and colours.


All pieces are specifically designed to be stacked together, to tell your story.

Propose with a ring which is 100% her

For brides who want to tell their story. Elliot & Ostrich offers a Bespoke solitaire & wedding band service to those who are looking to celebrate a special milestone with a piece which is truly one of a kind.

Gold Jewellery

Uncompromised quality

The wonderful thing about real jewellery is that it is the only gift which touches the heart and can be worn close to it every day for the rest of your life.

Each piece is handcrafted, in 18 karat gold, upon order, by Antwerp’s most skilled craftsmen. Our jewellery is made with love and utmost attention to detail. Graduate gemologist Jennifer Elliot personally selects the gemstones which fit her signature A quality standard.