I am. Powerful. Soft. Caring. Independent. Sensual. Smart. Disciplined. Structured. Spontaneous.
I am neutral pastel colours. I am classic with an edge. I am marquise. I am irregular pinky-ring.
I am Julie.
This campaign is an Ode to women. An Ode to individuality. Each woman has her colour and her shape. That is why I love designing Bespoke. A piece to fit you, to represent your story. #coloursandshapes #campaign #bespoke

Julie is wearing a Bespoke Andrea 0,8ct marquise solitaire and a custom-fit alliance on her ring finger. Julie co-designed this pinky-ring to symbolise a new Chapter in her life, a new beginning of new found independence, of new found self-awareness. The irregular set white & black diamonds represent life’s ups and downs. I truly truly adore it.

Thank you @julievdmeulen for being an amazing friend. You are.
Thank you to @lovesweetetc for this mesmerising dress.
Thank you @elodie.deceuninck for capturing femininity & creative magic.

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