Tomorrow is the beginning of a new chapter in the Elliot & Ostrich story. I am so excited! And let me tell you why… About a year ago I realised I no longer wanted to work solo. I felt I wanted a partner to bounce ideas off and someone who was strong where I was less.
But everybody warns you about all the possible risks of a collaboration. Over and over again. So this was not a thing I would go over lightly. The person had to be “the one” and where would I find that person?

I later realised that person was right in front of me since the start. Over the past 2 years I received a lot of support and encouragement from friends, family and customers and am so grateful for that! But Sylvie was a special one: she was one of my first customers, a huge fan from the start and she supported me at nearly every event because she believed in me. My hype-girl, let’s say 😊. She went on to join me as a board member at Mizbiz and proved that next to her effervescent and bubbly personality she also had a strong business sense, the ability to get things done and lead a team.

So we started talking and trialing a collaboration. We wrote and re-wrote business plans and talked incorporation over and over again. Thorough and detailed we are. Yet, a bit rebellious we are too. And I can’t deny: I love that mix. She is “the one”. I am as sure as I can be that Sylvie is my perfect side-kick. Most importantly because she is a dedicated, genuine, reliable and warm-hearted person. Those who know me know these are my top criteria for starting any relationship. Just like Sylvie always believed and trusted in me, I now believe and trust in her. Together we will be stronger in offering people around the world a truly meaningful experience in finding the perfect piece of personal fine jewellery to celebrate a meaningful moment. 🍸Here is to the new Chapter of the Elliot & Ostrich story! One with the same amount of golden inspiration but double the warmth and smiles. Now maybe we need to design ourselves some rings to celebrate, don’t you think?

Thanks to @nicolajanecreative for this kick-ass illustration of us. Thanks to everyone who advised us during the past months to get to this point. (Taken with Instagram at Antwerp, Belgium)

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