offers refined,


and personal pieces

of JEWELLERY which become

part of your IDENTITY.

We design jewellery to capture the richness of your story. There are highs and there are lows. It’s all beauty eventually. When selecting a personal piece of jewellery the most important question to ask is “what do you want this piece to express even when you are no longer around?”. Because, the better you know yourself the more meaningful your design will be.

Sunset Collection

Launching June 2022

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    STACK your STORY

    Each one of you has a unique story made up of many memorable moments. We like to be part of each of these moments. Together with you we translate each moment into a personal and meaningful piece. We think about how these different pieces come together into a stack which tells your story. A stack which inspires the next generation to write a bold and interesting story too.

    E&O STACK your STORY

    congratulations ON DECIDING

    We know how hard it is to select the ring which reflects your story and her personality. We get energy from unburdening you and guide you in finding what she would have picked herself.

    E&O African soul. Antwerp quality.

    African soul. Antwerp quality.

    Jennifer Elliot is the founder and designer of Elliot & Ostrich. Elliot & Ostrich was inspired by her own story and the process of surrendering to her true self. She started Elliot & Ostrich because she wanted to offer jewellery which was high quality without compromise and highly personal.


    The inspiration for the designs at Elliot and Ostrich come from life in Africa, where Jennifer was born and grew up. She is inspired by raw beauty and a pure aesthetic contrasted with bold shapes, colours and patterns. Africa is the place where Jennifer feels most grounded and inspired to follow her intuition.


    All gemstones are sourced in Antwerp according to the highest standard and every piece is made by hand in 18K gold.