Jennifer Elliot is the founder and designer of Elliot & Ostrich.

Jennifer is Belgian-British and born in South-Africa. She grew up in the African bush and still considers Africa her true home, the place where she finds grounding.

She is the daughter of diamond and jewellery professionals but only recently decided she wanted to follow in her parents’ footsteps. It is from them she inherited the passion for gemstones and the dedication to craftsmanship.
Jennifer made it her mission to bring back the tradition of gifting jewellery as a symbol of life’s meaningful moments yet on the conditions of the modern customer.
We sometimes get so caught up in the day to day that we forget to celebrate the moments and the people who mean the most. The wonderful thing about jewellery is that it is the only gift which touches the heart and can be worn close to it every day.
The older Jennifer gets, the more she wants to wear her meaningful classics every day as a touch of sophistication with a special meaning. However, she struggled finding brands which offered uncompromised quality in her contemporary style: refined & classic but with a personal touch. When training to become a certified gemologist, she discovered the fascinating world of gemstones where every piece has an origin and a story, just like we do.
Jennifer’s jewellery story started when her former husband proposed to her. He insisted she would be involved in selecting a design which had her name written over it. She enjoyed this thoroughly yet realized it was hard to find her style. So she designed her ring herself.
A few years later, while she was in Kenya contemplating which business to start, she received a Facebook message from a man who saw her engagement ring on a wedding blog and wanted to find the same. This turned out to be Jennifer’s first Bespoke project and the start of Elliot & Ostrich. To Jennifer Elliot & Ostrich feels like a purpose more than a brand. She wants to inspire people to cherish quality of life and be true themselves.

The brand

Elliot & Ostrich offers refined, timeless and personal pieces of jewellery to celebrate the meaningful moments.

Pieces which become part of your identity. To wear every day and to be handed to the next generation. As a reminder of who you are. Jennifer is inspired by the story in each gemstone, their colors and shapes. Her designs are made to be refined and understated, allowing the personality of the gemstones and the woman to shine through.

Uncompromised quality

Elliot & Ostrich is dedicated to offering uncompromised quality. Each piece is handcrafted, in 18 karat gold, upon order, by Antwerp’s most skilled craftsmen.

Our jewellery is made with love and utmost attention to detail. Graduate gemologist Jennifer Elliot personally selects the gemstones which fit her signature A quality standard.


She makes it a priority to simplify the selection of diamonds and gemstones for her customers by pre-defining her buying range and therewith unburdening the customer. She buys directly from traders who she has carefully selected on defined criteria: dedication to ethical sourcing, value for money and a guarantee for quality.


Her eye for beauty ensures she always picks the gemstones with the most brilliance and unique character. From the concept to the packaging, Jennifer makes sure every detail is cared for.


Jennifer wants to offer designs which can be personalized to fit her customer’s story.

All pieces can be produced in white, yellow or rosé gold depending on what fits best with your skin-tone or your preference.


As an ode to creation, Jennifer has created her custom rosé gold alloy

Which she calls “Yosé”, with a warmer tone than yellow gold and a softer tone than traditional rosé gold. One to look out for.

These days there is no such thing as a standard for timeless design. Your personality is the one thing which is guaranteed to never go out of style so if your favorite color is pink than that is your classic. Mixing and matching of different shades of gold and gemstones creates a look which is truly unique and tells your story.


Each piece can be engraved with a personal message as a reminder of a special person or meaningful moment.
All pieces can be produced with options In white, yellow or yosé gold (our custom gold alloy) depending on your skin-tone or preference.
Some pieces offer customization of gemstone shapes and colours. All pieces are specifically designed to be stacked together, to tell your story.
If you wish to design your own engagement and wedding ring.
The Bespoke Bridal service offers the ultimate personalization experience.
Read more about it under Bespoke.


Elliot & Ostrich designs jewellery to last a lifetime but to keep it looking as beautiful as the day it arrives you must look after your jewellery. You wash your body and your clothes, so why would you not have to wash your jewellery? Here are our guidelines.


It is recommended to give your jewellery a weekly scrub to maintain optimal brilliance. Either you can use an old toothbrush and some very mild washing liquid. Pearls and porous gemstones do not require cleaning and at most can take some lukewarm water. Ideally for diamonds and non-porous gemstones you use a professional product, such as a sparkle wand, polish and cloth. Contact us to get more information on availability of professional care products. Once every year at least you should get your jewellery professionally cleaned. Contact us to discover how we offer this service.

Hardness and toughnes of gemstones

Gemstones all have a different chemical composition. The hardness defines the resistance to scratches and abrasions. Diamonds have a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale, which mean they are the hardest of them all, followed by Ruby and Sapphire. However, hardness is not equal to toughness which refers to the degree of breakability. Diamonds can be broken. This is why it is important to take care of your gemstone jewellery and remove when working with your hands or doing exercise. Elliot & Ostrich packages all jewellery in a super soft care box or pouch, ideal for keeping your jewellery safe during your weekly HIIT or yoga training.


Although diamonds and gemstones are some of the hardest materials in the world, they have a precious nature and should be looked after with care. We recommend to keep your jewellery at a distance from oils, creams, perfume and sand. 18 karat gold is pure and soft so it will be easily scratched by sand. We think scratches are a sign of the experiences you had wearing your jewellery and part of the charm, but if you are bothered by scratches the beach is not your jewellery’s favorite destination.

Gift wrapping

Every piece of jewellery you purchase from Elliot & Ostrich will arrive at your door thoughtfully gift wrapped in our customer Ostrich Egg toned cream leather boxes and fine suede bags.
Every delivery will be accompanied by a gift card, for you to personalize as a reminder of your meaningful moment.