Frequently asked questions


Our showroom is located in the heart of Antwerp, the European capital of diamonds. Please find our location here. We are tucked away without passers-by, so you are guaranteed to have a personal and confidential experience.

Our mission is to create personal jewellery. We are dedicated to offering you the guidance you need to personalize your piece.


In case you are interested to buy one of our collection pieces, you can place your order using our web shop. No appointment needed in this case. We are available by phone or email if you need us.


In case you are interested to create an E&O engagement ring or bespoke design, then the process is initiated with a personal meeting, by appointment only. Because we want to get to know you, the reason behind your plans and the person we will be designing for. You can book an appointment via our contact page. The appointment can be done live or virtually.

The most important thing you need to do is take a quiet moment to think about why you want to buy this gift. What makes this occasion special? Why is she the woman you want to marry? What makes becoming a parent so special? Why do you deserve to celebrate self-love today? Etc.


You will receive all other information you need to prepare via email prior to the meeting.

In case of a bespoke design process and on mutual agreement only, the appointment can be arranged in the comfort of your own home (in Belgium or abroad).

The collection pieces can be personalized: you can change the size of the gemstone and sometimes also the type of gemstone (color). Contact to discuss your request.


Some collection pieces are ‘one of a kind’: this means they are unique and will not necessarily return to the collection. Jennifer designs these pieces when she is inspired by shapes and colors.


Some collection pieces are ‘limited editions’: this means these pieces are very unique . Only a limited amount of pieces will be made and you will receive a certificate with a unique numeric code as a guarantee.

If you wish to create a piece from scratch, please take a look at our exclusive Bespoke process and contact us.


It is our mission to help you find the ring which is timeless yet personal by selecting the shape of diamond to fit her personality, the design to fit her style and by adding meaningful touches to tell your story. We want to take the focus away from the look to the core of this moment. Until today we have never been in the situation that a ring has come back because it was not a match with the woman. So, we have got your back. 


  • If you like the E&O collection but have no idea yet which ring you want and which budget you need, just relax. We will guide you all the way through without obligation. 
  • If your girlfriend has sent you some reference pictures, we suggest you save them somewhere safely and bring them to the appointment.
  • If your girlfriend has a very strong idea about what she wants read below. 
  • If you have a design in mind which is significantly different to the E&O collection, please take a look at our Bespoke process.

We are a sincere believer that just as there is a perfect ring for every woman, there is a process for every woman. 


  • Some women like the tradition of being proposed to with a surprise ring. In that case the most important thing is the story behind the ring. Make an appointment for an engagement ring and we will guide you through step by step. 
  • Some women would actually prefer to choose themselves because they have a strong sense of style. In that case we suggest considering bringing her to the appointment and making this a fun project you can do together. It might enlighten you about each other and bring you closer together. 

Each Elliot & Ostrich piece is handmade with care and precision once your order is confirmed. Production of our collection and engagement rings take 8 weeks. A Bespoke process can take 4 months up to 1 year depending on the scope. Contact us at link naar contact formulier. for an accurate estimate.

The price of an engagement ring is correlated with the size of the diamond and/or type of gemstone. Read more here link naar quality op engagement page . At Elliot and Ostrich we value the fact that there is a ring for every budget, but we only use selected high quality materials. 


In case you are ordering a ring and are not aware of your ring size, we offer you the following recommendation. 


Always remember that your hands will be different sizes, so a ring that fits your right-hand ring finger, may not always fit your left hand.


Option 1: you have a ring which fits the intended hand and finger. Measure the inside diameter of that ring (in mm) excluding metal. Measure precisely and capture the largest amount of millimeters. Consult our ring sizing chart below to find the right size.



Engagement and wedding rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger on the left hand. Be aware that the size of the fingers on the left versus the right hand can differ significantly. Be sure to measure on the hand where you intend to wear the ring. Be aware your hands are broader in the summer than in the winter due to heat. In case of doubt opt for a larger size. 


Option 2: you do not have a ring which fits the right hand and finger:


    1. Visit a local jeweller to have you ring size professionally measured. Make sure to get you EU ring size and the inside diameter in mm of the ring size. 
    2. You can order a ring sizer by contacting  which will be charged at shipping cost.


In case you are ordering for someone else, we suggest finding a ring which fits her well and going to option 1.In case you can’t find a ring which fits her we suggest you contact to receive a best estimate.

Nearly all pieces can be altered within a certain range so do not worry. For engagement rings or gifts where the receiver is not present for measuring, one resizing is complementary. For all other resizing, a fixed additional cost of 35 euro (reduce) or 75 euro (enlarge) is charged.

Invoice & Payment

Full payment is required upon confirmation of your order. When your payment is received, we can start crafting your personal piece of jewellery. 


Each Elliot & Ostrich piece is handmade with care and precision once your order is confirmed.


Production of our core collection (e-shop) items takes 8 weeks.


Limited Editions can take longer depending on the design.


Contact us at  for an accurate estimate.


A Bespoke process can take 4 months up to 1 year depending on the scope.  

If you are celebrating a special moment causing your order to be time sensitive, please contact us at  and we will do what we can to accommodate your deadline.

Orders & Shipping

Online orders are shipped and delivered Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays. Shipping within Belgium can take up to 4 business days.


For deliveries to neighboring countries (The Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg) it can take up to 5 business days, all other destinations can take up to 15 business days.

Online orders are sent via personal courier, insured during transit of your order.


Any problems concerning the items delivered (damaged, missing articles, broken or faulty items, etc.) must be communicated to  within 3 days (including public holidays) after delivery (as per postmark).


This notification, stating your reservations and claims relative to the non-conformity of the products delivered or defects, is to be sent by e-mail to  and by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to:


Elliot & Ostrich BV, Justitiestraat 20B10, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium


No claims will be accepted after this period.

It is not possible to give track and trace your delivery. Delivery is agreed upon a specific date on which we ask you to be available between 9h and 18h for receiving your package from our personal courier. 


Our diamonds are IGI, GIA or HRD certified starting at 0.5 carats and above. Certification for smaller gemstones is possible at an additional cost of 125 euro.

We source our diamonds and most of our colored gemstones locally in Antwerp with fixed suppliers who have a generation long passion for the craft and who work according to our values of quality and ethical business. All of our pieces our crafted by hand by artisans in Antwerp with more than 20 years of experience or with exceptional talent. 

Elliot & Ostrich offers both natural and lab-grown diamonds. 

Natural diamonds grow in mines, over millions of years, whereas lab-grown diamonds are grown in a lab using cutting-edge technology to replicate a natural diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, chemically and physically identical to natural diamonds, but sourced with lower environmental impact. Natural diamonds are a wonder of nature, intrinsically rare and hold their precious value over time. 

How we work

Unfortunately, we do not remodel existing pieces into new pieces. In the case of a Bespoke process the re-use of old gold can be discussed. 

Unfortunately, we do not work with customer supplied gemstones into new pieces. In the case of a Bespoke process the integration of a high-value gemstone can be discussed. 

Unfortunately, we do not remodel existing pieces into new pieces nor work with customer supplied gemstones into new pieces. In the case of a Bespoke process the re-use of old gold and the integration of a high-value gemstone can be discussed. 

A One of a Kind will be designed when our inspiration comes but not necessarily in the color combination as displayed on the website. It is an exclusive one of a kind gemstone and piece. 

A Limited Edition piece is an existing piece of jewellery, available in a limited numbered pieces. 

Returns, Repair & Warrenty

Goods sold are non-refundable. All items are custom made to order therefore exchanges or returns are not offered for change of mind. We recommend that you confirm appropriate sizing according to our guidelines prior to placing your online order.

If your piece needs service or repair, you can return it to us at the below address:


Elliot & Ostrich, Justitiestraat 20B10, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium


Please contact us prior to returning your piece, and ensure that all of your details, including your order number and return address are included. If you are returning a piece for resize, please ensure the new size is included and has been accurately measured. If you lost an earring, our ability to make a mate is dependent on availability of materials. In order to ensure a best possible match, we request that you send in your remaining earring to be used as a guide.


We recommend using a courier service with full insurance to return your piece. Please ensure the shipment requires a signature on delivery and the piece is adequately packed and padded (as plain as possible without any logo or mentioning of jewellery). We will not accept any liability if the piece is damaged in transit due to poor packaging.


We will let you know once we have received your piece, to give you an indication of any cost involved, and expected timeframe.


For queries regarding repairs and resizes, please contact .

Elliot & Ostrich covers the cost of reasonable repairs under normal wear for the first six months after purchase. If a piece shows signs of improper care or is damaged in a way resulting from something other than normal wear, we will repair the piece at cost.


  1. An estimate of the repair can be given prior to the repair.
  2. After 6 months, we will repair pieces at cost.
  3. Any necessary repair of Bespoke pieces will be assessed on a case by case basis.
  4. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs and liable for any damage, loss or theft incurred during transportation or repair.


Please note that if any other jeweller undertakes work on one of our pieces, including resizing or repairs, this warranty will be voided.


We strongly recommend returning to us for repairs and resizes, we do not take any responsibility for repairs or resizes undertaken by other jewellers.


Resizing is at cost and is quoted on a case by case basis.

Care instructions

We recommend cleaning your jewellery at home every 2 weeks. 

Bespoke Design

Each Bespoke piece is one of a kind and created in close collaboration with Jennifer Elliot. The budget for a Bespoke creation starts at 3.500 euro. For any questions about the process and timings, please contact us at  or make an appointment on our contact page.

Yes, an appointment is required to initiate a bespoke design. Because we want to get to know you, the reason behind your plans and the person we will be designing for. This can be done live or virtually.

The lead-time depends on the type of project, the speed of decision making and the rarity of the desired gemstones. For any questions about the process and timings, please contact us at  or make an appointment on our contact page.

We are very happy to help you create your personal piece of jewellery wherever you are in the world and can be arranged in the comfort of your own home.

Yes, we offer our bespoke design service for (engagement) rings as well as other types of jewellery (necklace, bracelet, earring). 

Any unanswered questions?

We only work in a personal collaboration.
It can be per virtual call or you are
welcome in our Nest.

Whatever suits you and
your agenda.